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prof. Ing. Růžena Petříková, CSc.
Identification number: 20028
University e-mail: petrikovar [at]
Učitelka - Katedra marketingu (VŠPP)

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The selected person runs the following courses in the current period.

CodeCourseDepartmentStudy periodRole
BP27_1Bachelor ThesisVŠPPSS 2019/2020
PN2_3_11_Corporate human potential management II (Knowledge management in entrepreneusrhip)VŠPPSS 2019/2020
DIPRDiploma thesisVŠPPSS 2019/2020
RLPHuman potential managementVŠPPSS 2019/2020
KMAKnowledge managementVŠPPSS 2019/2020
ZMPKnowledge management in entrepreneurshipVŠPPSS 2019/2020
BP28_1PracticeVŠPPSS 2019/2020
RKPOSProcess Quality Management in Trade and ServicesVŠPPSS 2019/2020
KVAPQuality in businessVŠPPSS 2019/2020
MN1_2_8_Quality in entrepreneurshipVŠPPSS 2019/2020
MNKXQuality ManagementVŠPPSS 2019/2020
MNKQuality Management IVŠPPSS 2019/2020
BP7_3Quality Management I (TQM concept)VŠPPSS 2019/2020
BP7_4Quality Management II (International System Standards)VŠPPSS 2019/2020
BO25_4Quality Management of Business OperationsVŠPPSS 2019/2020
SJA124CQuality systemsVŠPPSS 2019/2020
ŘKTPŘízení kvality a týmová práceVŠPPSS 2019/2020
OPSocial entrepreneurshipVŠPPSS 2019/2020

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