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doc. Ing. Aleksandr Ključnikov, Ph.D.
Identification number: 20164
University e-mail: kljucnikovs [at]
Učitel - Katedra podnikání a managementu (VŠPP)
Secretariat - Katedra podnikání a managementu (VŠPP)

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The selected person runs the following courses in the current period.

CodeCourseDepartmentStudy periodRole
BPBachelor ThesisVŠPPSS 2018/2019
PDFBusiness FinanceVŠPPSS 2018/2019
BP20_4Business FinanceVŠPPSS 2018/2019
PDFXBusiness FinanceVŠPPSS 2018/2019
MN2_3_1_Business finance I (Finance management)VŠPPSS 2018/2019
MN2_3_2_Business finance II (Managerial accounting and controlling)VŠPPSS 2018/2019
MN2_4_2_Diploma fellowshipVŠPPSS 2018/2019
DIPXDiploma fellowshipVŠPPSS 2018/2019
DIPRDiploma thesisVŠPPSS 2018/2019
MN2_4_3_Diploma thesisVŠPPSS 2018/2019
MN2_1_1Entrepreneurial financeVŠPPSS 2018/2019
PFEntrepreneurial financeVŠPPSS 2018/2019
FPO114EFinance podnikuVŠPPSS 2018/2019
B9_1Financial Markets and Public FinanceVŠPPSS 2018/2019
PNFTFinancial Markets BusinessVŠPPSS 2018/2019
MEKXManagerial EconomicsVŠPPSS 2018/2019
MEKManagerial EconomicsVŠPPSS 2018/2019
BP25_1Managerial Economics I (Costs and Calculation)VŠPPSS 2018/2019
BP25_2Managerial Economics II (Managerial Accounting and Controlling)VŠPPSS 2018/2019
BO30_1Managerial Economics in Business and Services I (Costs and Calculation)VŠPPSS 2018/2019
BO30_2Managerial Economics in Business and Services II (Managerial Accounting and Controlling)VŠPPSS 2018/2019
ODPPracticeVŠPPSS 2018/2019
VFI125CPublic financeVŠPPSS 2018/2019
SBP215ESeminar for Bachelor Thesis II.VŠPPSS 2018/2019

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