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RNDr. Michal Bejček, Ph.D.
Identification number: 20242
University e-mail: bejcek [at]
Učitel - Katedra podnikání a managementu (VŠPP)
Head of department - Oddělení aplikované informatiky (KPM VŠPP)

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The selected person runs the following courses in the current period.

CodeCourseDepartmentStudy periodRole
PZE115EAdvanced data processing in ExcelVŠPPSS 2019/2020
PZE126DAdvanced data processing in ExcelVŠPPSS 2019/2020
SZA110AApplied informaticsVŠPPSS 2019/2020
BIC114EBusiness and ICTVŠPPSS 2019/2020
BIN124EBusiness IntelligenceVŠPPSS 2019/2020
DPM114EDatabase Systems for managersVŠPPSS 2019/2020
DBS115CDatabase systems IVŠPPSS 2019/2020
DSL115EDistribute systems and local area networks IVŠPPSS 2019/2020
DSL126DDistribute systems and local area networks IVŠPPSS 2019/2020
DSL226DDistribute systems and local area networks II.VŠPPSS 2019/2020
DSL215EDistribute systems and local area networks II.VŠPPSS 2019/2020
DSL116EDistribution Systems and Local NetworksVŠPPSS 2019/2020
MAT136CMathematicsVŠPPSS 2019/2020
MAT125CMathematicsVŠPPSS 2019/2020
OPS124DOperační systémy IVŠPPSS 2019/2020
OPS136DOperační systémy IVŠPPSS 2019/2020
OPS215EOperating systems IIVŠPPSS 2019/2020
OPS226DOperating systems IIVŠPPSS 2019/2020
OPT125COptimization MethodsVŠPPSS 2019/2020
OPT136COptimization MethodsVŠPPSS 2019/2020
PRI125EProject organizationVŠPPSS 2019/2020
SBP115ESeminar for Bachelor Thesis I.VŠPPSS 2019/2020
SBP215ESeminar for Bachelor Thesis II.VŠPPSS 2019/2020
TSW115CSW TestingVŠPPSS 2019/2020
NVS110CTools for software developmentVŠPPSS 2019/2020

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